Our Products


Fire Alarm

We have partnered with Honeywell-Fire to provide a complete range of systems for our customers. This gives us the opportunity to determine the code requirements of the property, and install a system that provides the right amount of coverage with enough scalability and future integration without installing an overly excessive system.

Burglar Alarm

We utilize a variety of different intrusion alarm systems depending on the application being used, but Qolsys has been our go-to solution for many of them. Thanks to the multitude of capabilities of these systems, they can be installed in new or existing homes, businesses, or commercial properties and even accommodate home automation, lighting control, and access control systems integration.

Access Control & Surveillance

We believe Access Control & Surveillance should work together for the most secure solutions, but still have the versatility of integrating with an abundance of different options. You shouldn't need to sacrifice the functionality of any part of your security in favor of another with proprietary all-in-one systems. Milestone and AXIS products integrate with most other trusted systems in the industry, so we can help you design the best fit for your specifications.

Home Automation

With technology like Z-Wave, Amazon's Alexa, Smart QLED TVs, and Alarm.com you can control just about any device in your home without even touching a button or a screen. You can integrate your Alexa-enabled devices to turn on lights, TVs, change thermostat settings, arm your system, lock the front door, and play your favorite playlist just by saying "Hey, Alexa..." How cool is that?

Central Station Monitoring

Monitoring stations are responsible for receiving signals from your alarm system and dispatching to the appropriate authorities to protect homes and assets. A UL-listed & FM Approved monitoring station, you don't have to risk yours or your family pet's safety or lose your home in any emergency event. It is already handled by professionals ready to make the call to dispatch.