Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you monitor my existing smoke detectors with a security system?
  • Do I own or lease my system?
  • What types of residential systems do you install?
  • Can you install a wireless fire alarm system in a condominium or townhouse development?
  • Can you monitor our system if it is already installed?
  • If my system goes into alarm and I'm not there, what should I do?
  • What type of monitoring do you provide?
  • Does my system need to be wired to our phone lines?
  • What type of warranty does a newly installed system have?
  • If I add some more devices later, does my monthly monitoring fee go up?
  • What happens in a blackout or power failure?
  • My system won't stop beeping. How do I silence it?
  • I accidentally set one of my smoke detectors into alarm. I entered my code, but my system is still in alarm. What do I do?
  • How do I put my system's account on test?
  • Why does my system "beep" or "ding" every time I open a door?
  • How do I turn the Chime off?

Yes, we have a small wireless sensor that, when it hears your existing smoke detector alarm, it transmits a signal to the security system as a fire alarm.

Everything we install in your business or residence belongs to you.

We install Simon XTi's and ELK Products. Simon XTi's are wireless and can be monitored and controlled by you via your iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, iPad, Windows Phone 7, or home computer, all via a cellular network.

If you have a new home being constructed, we can install an ELK M1Gold or EZ8 hardwired system.

We install plenty of wireless commercial systems from CWSI into condos, townhouses, and even businesses that are difficult to impossible to run wires through. Wireless installations require very little dust clean-up or non-rental times/delays, due to installation.

We can! Give us a call for more information. There is a flat $50 programming fee and the usual monthly monitoring fee.

If your alarm system goes into alarm, you will be called by our monitoring agency. They will first call your residence and, if no response, continue calling the contacts that you provide us with.

All our monitoring is done through C.O.P.S Monitoring, a UL Approved monitoring agency.

You decide if you want to be monitored via phone lines or cellular signals.

All our installations are back with a 0ne Year warranty on parts and labor.

We don't ever raise the rates for adding Fire, Water, Smoke, or other sensors to an already monitored system.

Most systems today have a back-up battery installed in either the unit itself or in the panel

First, note why your system is beeping (i.e. Low Battery, Zone Trouble), then refer to these notes to silence the trouble for the following systems:

  • ELK Systems
    Press the "*" button (3) times.
  • GE Simon XT/XTi
    Press the "Status" button once to stop the beeping for (4) hours. (Your LCD display will show you the trouble for your system at this time).
  • Ademco Systems
    Enter your code, followed by the "Off" button, twice.

Here is a quick list:

  • ELK Systems
    Press the "ELK" button in the center of your directional buttons, followed by the number "2," and then press the RIGHT directional button twice
  • GE Simon XT/XTi
    Make sure that you have cleared the smoke/steam from the smoke detector VERY well, then try disarming your system again.
  • Ademco Systems
    Press "*" followed by the number "7."

Have your account number, and password ready. Call C.O.P.S. Monitoring at 1-888-474-9177 and ask if you can put your account on test. You will be asked for the previous information.

On every system there is a "Chime" that can be activated and deactivated. It is simply letting you know that a door has been opened.

Each system has a different way of silencing the Chime;

  • ELK Systems
    Press the "CHIME" button just above the directional buttons on your keypad.
  • GE Simon XT/XTi
    On the XTi, press the "Cog" symbol in the bottom right corner of your touchscreen, and select "OFF" next to chime at the bottom of the first page.